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Tales from the Tavern: Stuff You Can Buy

John Gorka Live at Tales from the Tavern

Jack Tempchin Live at Tales from the Tavern

Tales from the Tavern, Vol. 1

A compilation CD from the first three years of Tales from the Tavern, featuring Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen (with David Crosby), Chris Smither, Michael Smith, Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Steve Forbert, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Michael on Fire, Jon Dee Graham, Dave Stamey, and Jesse DeNatale.

Such Things Are Finely Done - Michael Smith Live at Tales from the Tavern - CD

This great CD (recorded live - Feb., 2003) captures the masterful playing, singing and storytelling of the great Michael Smith. Selected "Midnight Special" CD Pick of the Year for 2003, and one of the Top 5 Independent Acoustic Music releases for the period 2001-03.

Love Letter on a Fish - Michael Smith Live at Tales from the Tavern Too

Steve Poltz Live at Tales from the Tavern

It's Just a State of Mind - Dave Stamey Live - CD

Recorded Feb. 21, 2007 this outstanding CD captures the energy and the humor, and the fabulous songs and stories of the man who was named the Western Music Association's Entertainer of the Year and Male Performer of the Year for 2006, and Songwriter of the Year in 2005.

Oh My God What Am I Doing Here - Michael on Fire Live at Tales from the Tavern - Live CD

Recorded live at the Taproom at Firestone Walker in Buellton, CA - March 12, 2004. Includes popular favorites like Mission Hall, I'll Make You a Drum, Keepers of the Flame, and more.

The Man With Three Fists by Gerald DiPego

An audio recording of a story by Gerald DiPego, screenwriter of such hit films as Phenomenon, Message in a Bottle, Angel Eyes, Instinct, The Forgotten, and Sharky's Machine.

Written in the style of a tale, it mixes fable and tender drama, humor and a certain amount of sexuality. It is for mature audiences.

DiPego performed this story for us Live - March 14, 2007 at Tales from the Tavern. The recording is 77 minutes in length.

Lake Town Dead - Book on CD

The new audio book on CD by Gerald DiPego. "Lake Town Dead" is the second in the "Lake Town Tales" series, and follows the first in the series - "The Man With Three


Reunion by Gerald DiPego - CD

In this live performance recording, DiPego, novelist and screenwriter (Phenomenon, Message in a Bottle, Angel Eyes, Instinct, and many others) reads Reunion while actors Justin DiPego, Zachary N. DiPego, Jeff McKinnon and Carey McKinnon, perform the character voices.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott Live at Tales from the Tavern, Vol.1 - CD

Recorded live at Mattei's Tavern in Los Olivos, CA in February, 2003. On this CD, you’ll hear stories about Wyoming cowboys and New Orleans brothels, and how he learned the South Coast, and what happened the first time he performed Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright. This great CD features a one-of-a-kind 19-minute rendition of the classic 912 Greens.

Let's Use Yours - Jon Dee Graham Live at Tales from the Tavern - CD

Recorded Feb. 15, 2005 at The Taproom at Firestone Walker in Buellton, California, this live CD includes every song and story from JDG's first Tales from the Tavern performance - which kicked off our 2005 series and connected big-time with our TFTT audience.

From Ground to Glass - DVD

From Ground to Glass The award-winning film by our friend and Tales from the Tavern videographer/editor Rob Dafoe is available now on DVD. It features songs written and performed by Tales from the Tavern recording artists Michael on Fire and Dave Stamey

2012 Anniversary Celebration - Second Half - 5 Concerts!